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Travel like a PRO with 7 Tips from BiPro ProTeam’s Kris Chrisp

While traveling can be an opportunity to open your mind, explore new opportunities and new cities, it can also be a major shift from your normal routine. Depending how often travel occurs, this shift can cause some negative long-term health-impacts such as high body mass index, poor sleep, or even mental health issues like anxiety (1). In today’s world, frequent travel can be by choice or occupation, and like anything, you can design how you want it to affect your life!

Traveling responsibly can make a serious difference in your overall experience, mental state and physical wellbeing. To neutralize health negative impacts, try practicing self-monitoring: gauge how you’re feeling mentally, determine when you need rest, understand if you need a quick burst of endorphins and decide if you’re actually hungry or just bored. We talked with, BiPro ProTeam member, Kris Chrisp who is a Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CSN, to get his thoughts on how practice proactive travel. Kris dived into seven simple guidelines he feels can help set you up for a successful trip and a seamless return. Check it out! 

  1. Avoid unhealthy foods and drinks at all costs: There are many unhealthy foods or sodas that make you feel physically bad after you consume them especially while traveling. These unhealthy foods actually suck the energy out of you and can alter your mood. And, since you are most likely already tired from traveling, you don’t need these items, you’re better off recouping with some rest. Try to limit or stay away from:
    • Sugary drinks or snacks
    • Fried foods
    • Alcohol
  2. Shrink your portions but don’t skip meals: If you happen to be stuck with poor food selection— which sometimes is simply reality — just make sure to keep your portions small. Smaller portions are better than skipping meals because this only hurts your body and mind by depleting it of the energy it needs to perform. However, eating large portions can also make you feel sluggish. Traveling on planes, changing time zones, and experiencing additional stress that comes with being on the road can do a number on your digestion system, so having smaller portions also means you will be less likely to feel bloated or have an upset stomach. If you’ve got business to accomplish, feeling confident and comfortable is imperative! A good way to avoid over indulging when your lunch arrives is to ensure you’re getting in your recommended daily amount of protein. A quick morning breakfast protein shake will help you start your day off on the right foot. Whey Protein helps you to feel satiated throughout the day, which essentially means, you feel full longer.  

  3. Stay Hydrated: Unfamiliar geographic locations paired with artificial environments created by transportation (think of the dry air in planes, buses and cars) can easily lead to dehydration. It’s important to stay hydrated so that you can feel alert and energized. The only drink that can hydrate you is water. It will help flush your body of any toxins you may pick up while on the road plus it can also make you feel fuller, so you aren’t tempted by junk food. While you may want to sneak in a coffee or two along the way or a happy hour drink here and there, you should otherwise plan to stick to water as your drink of choice.

  4. Healthy snacks to pack: If you are not sure when and where your meals might be because you have a packed schedule during your travels, be sure to bring some snacks with you to keep you satisfied, top up your energy levels and help you avoid picking bad foods. If you’re flying, you can easily find a few healthy choices that are airline-friendly and convenient to enjoy such as trial mix, nuts or dried fruit. If you are road tripping, many gas and convenience locations offer fresh fruit and vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and yogurt. You’ll find that these choices offer a satisfying way to fill up without eating large meals or choosing candy bars or other unhealthy food items. If you’re on an extended stay trip, make sure you grab plenty of your daily staples to keep your regimen as similar to your typical routine as possible. Many reliable brands now offer prepackaged single servings now like BiPro’s travel packets. If you allow yourself a little extra prep time, you can also package off individual servings from your larger containers to potentially save a few bucks. 

  5. Exercise ‘Snack’: While it may seem highly unlikely that you can get your full workouts in while on the road, it’s important that you make time for what I like to call an ‘exercise snack’ even if it is just 15 or 20 minutes. Even in a summarized form, getting your muscles moving and your heart pumping is always a good thing and your body will thank you later. Check out the bottom of this article for Kris’s Top 5 US Location Recommendations!

  6. Sleep: You need as much sleep as possible to be alert and generate as much energy as possible to keep running on the road while keeping your immune system on high. A good night sleep also helps the body and mind cope with any stress related to traveling. Plan your flights to optimize your sleep and minimize any disruption to your internal clock when traveling through time zones.

  7. Take your vitamins: You are more likely to get run down while away on travel because you are on a non-stop business trip. While you are trying to burn the candle at both ends and pack in as many meetings and events as you can, your body is becoming vulnerable to immune system crashes. Trust me, you do not want to get sick while away from home and in the midst of trying to conduct a business trip. Instead, top-up those vitamins and nutrients by bringing a multivitamin with you for each day you are away from home. If you forget them, check your hotel gift shop or a nearby store.

Check out Kris’s Top 5 Places in the USA to get your ‘Exercise Snack’

Not only is it possible to maintain your healthy lifestyle and be productive while on your adventures, it can be an opportunity to explore new and sweat-worthy locations!

Ala Moana Regional Park– Hawaii

Chula Vista Olympic Elite Training Center – San Diego (if your able to get access to it)

Performix House – New York

Nike Headquarters – New York

Muscle Beach – LA





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